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Postseason Prediction Contest Update

Earlier this month, I posted our first ever Postseason Prediction Contest. Its interesting to look back and review the picks now.

For example, Phillies-Cubs seemed like a perfectly reasonable NLCS, and neither team won a game in the postseason. At first glance it looks like the AL was a little easier to read, but the Angels also had alot of support, as did the Indians.

Still, with, I think, 37 entries counted, two readers have emerged as the clear leaders headed into the World Series.

"bluenm" completely nailed the NL, and just missed in the AL, which he awarded to the Indians. Still, "bluenm" remains alive thanks to a prediction of "Rockies in 6" for the World Series. (Only a handful of people picked the Rockies to win it all: "loyal2sdad", "MileHighFaninKC" and one other I think.) "I need more esteban" also correctly picked five series winners, but his pick of "Indians in 5" is dead on arrival, because...

"Cleveland" went against his screen name and predicted a Rox-Sox WS while also predicting every other series correctly along the way, earning six points. He could go seven for seven with a Red Sox victory.

If the Rockies win, "bluenm" and "Cleveland" would be tied with six correct predictions apiece, with "bluenm" claiming victory on the tie-breaker.

I'll post everyone's totals below in the comments, but feel free to double-check me.