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World Series Game Three Open Thread

Keep hope alive.
Win it for Affeldt's dye job!

And now, your NHZ segment...

Tonight's Pitching Matchup is sponsored by Samuel Adams Winter Lager: the beer I consumed a lot of last night. Tonight we have the Zombie-like remains of Daisuke MatSuzaka going against the Plucky Sinkerballer Josh Fogg. This is probably the Rockies' season on the line tonight, folks, so expect Clint Hurdle to attempt to scream and yell and shout his purple-clad warriors to victory.

The FOX Player Comparison In Bizarro World:

ERA (RS): 4.94-----4.40 (thanks Terry!)
ERA (PS): 1.13-----5.63
VORP: 13.4-----37.0
K/9: 5.11-----8.84
BB/9: 3.21-----3.52
HR/9: 1.25-----1.10
H/9: 10.54-----8.40
PAP Rank: 118th-----1st
"X-Factor": Kinda Stinks-----Is Dog Tired

May the best man pitch slightly better!