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Broaching the Topic: the Royals and Religion

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The perhaps extremely named blog Fire Dayton Moore is addressing whats become a growing elephant in the Royals room.

FDM is convinced Dayton Moore is basing his personnel moves on the religious beliefs of those involved, including Hillman and Ryan Shealy.

This is FDM's site introduction:

Welcome to Fire Dayton Moore! I'm not going to mince words; there's something rotten with the Royals. It neither starts nor ends with Dayton Moore, but he is a perfect symbol of their pathology and a principal factor in its propogation.

The essentials: Dayton is making crucial personnel decisions that have more to do with religion and faith than baseball. 'Character' and 'leadership qualities' are code-words for commitment to born-again christianity.

This is bad for business and bad for the Royals.

For obvious reasons, I had hoped Posnanski would address this in the Star with a little more tenacity, but for the moment he seems to be letting it slide, if not tacitly embracing it.


I'll open the floor for discussion. Honestly, I don't really know what to think, but none of this seems extremely far-fetched, but also doesn't sound completely reasonable. Just to be clear, I am not endorsing Fire Dayton Moore's postion, but I do think the issue of religion and sports is becoming increasingly important, or should I say, relevant. Like race, its not an especially fun (which isn't that the idea of sports?) thing to talk about, yet you do hear whispered stories about clubhouses basically being racially divided, especially in baseball, where there is often a language barrier.

Poke around the site, check out some of the video clips they have, and let me know what you think.

(Hat tip to In Dayton We Trust for the info on this site. Ironic, huh?)