... still awake, might as well post my FA wish list

Bumped from the diaries-RR

While I'm on a roll I just thought I'd finish up my last post by writing who else I'd like to see in Royals blue next year.

In addition to signing Jones, my crystal ball shows something like...

  1.  Resign David Riske to anything at or less than 3yrs/12mil.  Man, I don't know about you all, but watching a solid bullpen this last year was an absolute treat.  Losing games because Burgos threw 9 splitters a row in the dirt or other mishaps (Affeldt,Macdougal,etc.) was truly heartbreaking.  After a horrendous April, Riske was totally solid.  
  2. While a fan favorite, since we've "signed" Andruw Jones at this point, David "What would Dejesus do" is expendable.  And his cheap contract could entice other teams to part ways with two or perhaps three low B/high C level prospects.  SS/1B anyone?
  3. As mentioned by others, I'd like to sign Francisco Cordero.  This is based on a huge IF.  That is, if he's willing to sign at 3yr/27mil.  I'm hearing on Rotoworld and elsewhere that he's wanting a Billy Wagneresque 4/43.  While I don't think he will get that, he's still due for some money.  The whole point to signing Cordero is to free up Soria into the starting rotation, which is almost a transaction by itself.  And, good thing we resigned David Riske right?  
  4. Trade for Dontrelle Willis.  I'm hearing that the Marlins want 3 or 4 prospects for the D-Train.  We could use a lefty starter, well duh.  He's become increasingly hittable the last few years and his HR totals have gone up.  Maybe a new set of opponents could help him?  Slightly far fetched given the AL is known to be superior, but hey, its possible.  So, for the whole prospect giving up part.  To me, I only see a few untouchables from our perspective.  These include young Alex Gordon, the soon to be married Billy Butler, Cool Hand Luke, Mikey Moosetacos, Mexican Tough and Dan "My bio says I'm only 20 but thats not gonna stop me from drinking Coronas and passing out on my toilet naked" Cortes.  (  So yeah, that is a few "untouchables", but I would offer most three person combos of guys including Justin Huber, Chris Lubanski (if not taken Rule 5), Tyler Lumsden, Billy Buckner, Nunez, Pimentel, Mitch Maier, etc.  
So, after this brilliant offseason, and a few other moves, GM Feel the Royals Fever's 2008 opening day roster shapes up as...
  1. Joey Gathright LF
  2. Mark Teahen RF
  3. Andruw Jones CF
  4. Billy Butler DH
  5. Alex Gordon 3B
  6. John Buck C
  7. Mark Grudzielanek 2B
  8. Shealy/Huber  1B
  9. Tony Pena SS
  10. Gil Meche
  11. Dontrelle Willis
  12. Zack Greinke
  13. Brian Bannister
  14. Joakim Soria
BP. David Riske setting up Francisco Cordero.

And beautifully, we have so many options after this for long relief and setup options that it is pointless mentioning them all.

Just reviewing this post has given me shivers up and down my spine.  I would honestly run around my apartment naked 85x if this happened (Its 23 deg here in Lawrence mind you).  I seriously think this team would be a AL Central FAVORITE, even if just in my mind.

Well I'm finally tired now, happy Thanksgiving everyone, and go Jayhawks!

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