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Getting to Know Mr. Hillman

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Trey Hillman's chat transcript is now posted on the official team site (link here) and while there were no stunning answers, it was nice to get a little more insight into the man. Numerous answers invite us all to be English majors trying to find the hidden or deeper meaning in the man's words.

For example, if so inclined, you could probably mine a lot of meaning from this exchange:

royalretro: Glad to have you in Kansas City, Trey! If Dayton provides some more power in the lineup, would you rather play for the big inning or do you think you will still look to diversify the offense with small ball?

Hillman: I will continue to look for ways to diversify, simply because on any given night certain starting pitchers throughout the league, especially in the American League Central, can make it very challenging to sit back and wait for the three-run bomb. I love power as much as anyone, but you always have to try to have more in your arsenal just to combat quality starting pitching.

Hillman also spoke quite forcefully about the value of Japanese-style conditioning, strongly implying that the Royals will be implementing a new regime. There was also quite a lot about fundamentals, although its hard to know what exactly this means, or how relevant it will be, since every manager says that. Who ever lays out with, "I want us to be a fundamentally unsound team"?

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Many of these issues and concerns come together in:

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I'm not sure there's an element of this hiring that we haven't already jumped all over, although, as Parcells says in those beer commericals, "thats a good thing, not a bad thing."

Does anyone know anything about Japanese conditioning?