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Survival Mode

Its a miserable day here in Iowa, with freezing rain/sleet/snow blanketing most of the state. Its been coming down hard for awhile now, and the roads are horrible, to say nothing of the condition of my car and my apartment's parking complex. Ugh. Earlier today I spent thirty minutes attempting to make my truck driveable, enough time to produce half of one clear window.

I actually think I'm going to embark on a .82 (thanks map my mile ice hike to the nearest Casey's to load up on provisions. Why? My current offerings are two cans of soup and a bottle of scotch -- hey, its my last year of bachelordom, why not live meal-to-meal in horrible fashion? -- which might technically cut it, but seems too Shackleton Expedition to me.

Anyway, if anyone is still reading. Does the rumored offer of Melky and Hughes for Santana seem insane for the Yankees? I'm the biggest Santana believer around, but its only one-year of his time, and couldn't they just sign him in 2009? Its a fascinating offer if its legit, and the kind of ballsy, win-now, mega-trade that honestly we haven't seen much of in the last decade.


Update [2007-12-1 17:58:23 by royalsreview]:

I made the ICE WALK to Casey's, after realizing I didn't have enough cash on hand to tip the pizza guy -- after paying online, in theory. Fun fun walk. Being cold rules, as does being wet.

Why do I live in Iowa again?