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I got nothing. Nothing to say, no links to share, no real thoughts about anything. A tad burnt out. Dear old Monday, always waiting to hit us with a wallop.

• NHZ emailed me last week that he's working on long post breaking down the major Winter Meetings transactions. So keep your eyes peeled for that...

• I'm working on another Radio Affiliate Profile, this time highlighting one of the Kansas affiliates. Further information is top secret.

• Over at Viva el Birdos there's been a raging controversy about the proper use of diaries. What do you think about the diaries here? Do you read them? Are they high enough in quality? Are they redundant? Apparently on the eastern half of the State these are concerns.

• My completely off-topic random reading of mid-century English novels continues (my dissertation is on 18th C. Am poetry). This week I've been reading A Girl With Class by Dave Wallis. I haven't finished it yet, so I'm not sure where its going, but its so far doing a nice job of bringing together a variety of characters of sundry class and gender together in the world of 1950s London. As is often the case, I'm the first person at Iowa to check out the book in over 30 years.

• Off-topic discussion question: name a song that you consider to be a hidden, forgotten, or under-appreciated classic or jewel. I'll start, "No Myth" by Michael Penn.

I graciously invite your baseball chatter!