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ESPN Anchors Said To Occasionally Have Contact With Public in Nation's Airports

Is anyone else watching the "Best of This is Sportscenter" special right now? I'm willing to admit that quite a few of the old one-offs are still funny, and a dash of self-deprecation still goes a long way with this viewer.

Still, after about twenty minutes -- 8:30-8:50 roughly -- I couldn't take it anymore. Why? By my count I'd heard no less than four people, in those fake, 20-second retrospective things, lay out with a variation of "after all these years, people in airports will still say __ to me".

Then it hit me. No, our airports aren't hotbeds of stranger-to-stranger conversation. Rather, the airport must stick out to the Stu Scotts and Karl Ravechs of the world because its their last bit of contact with us little people, non-20-year-olds  on South Beach division.

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich actually wrote about this awhile back, locating airports as a fairly unique site in American life where even the Lords of the Realm are forced to share social space, however briefly, with the other 99% of us.

It must be so quaint for Steve Levy to eat at a Chili's 2 in O'Hare!