Mitchell Report Open Thread

I think it is a good idea to make an open thread for this topic.

Mitchell's press conference is at 1PM CST.  Apparently it will be available on  Selig has his own press conference scheduled for 3:30 CST.

So far ESPN is obsessing about Yankees who are named, including Clemens and Andy Pettitte.  This is of course old news for the world that has not be in denial mode for the last few years.

Some hopeful news coming out. Apparently Selig will only be given a copy of the 400 page report one hour before it is released to the public. Also it is being reported that Mitchell places some of the blame on MLB owners (and thus the commissioner’s office.)

Mitchell is reportedly recommending that MLB now outsource their PED testing (which would be a huge and positive change in my opinion) and to allow players to be investigated who have not failed a urine test if other evidence exists. I am sure Mitchell is thinking about the growing number of players who have never tested positive but who we know were purchasing undetectable drugs.

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