Boras told Moustakas not to sign with Royals

Some interesting news in Flanagan's column today in the KC Star:

About those negotiations between the Royals and first-round pick Mike Moustakas last summer: You'll recall that those were the negotiations that went down to the wire, right until 15 minutes before the signing deadline.
According to the Rocky Mountain News, the deciding factor apparently was Moustakas' father, who overruled agent Scott Boras' desire to have Moustakas hold out and made his son live up to an oral promise he gave the Royals that he would sign.

Had Moustakas not signed the contract at the last minute the Royals would not have been able to talk to him further and he would have been put back into the draft in 2008 unless he enrolled in college.  It seems Boras is increasingly having trouble getting his clients to follow his hard-line approach.  I take a little joy in that development.

This story is particularly maddening given that Boras told the Royals the day before the draft that signing Moustakas would not be a problem.

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