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Winter Meetings Day Two Open Thread- Guillen, Err, Guillen Signed

As we enter another day of The Siege of Guillen Royals Review asks, whats worse, the old-style stories about the Patriots that always mixed in a dash of moral pablum, or the new-style, 2007 edition, that simply treats them as the greatest collection of men dedicated to a single endeavor in the history of the universe? If life teaches us anything, it is perhaps that everything does find a way to get worse, that everything that was once sweet will eventually bitter and that finally we'll be left choosing between terrible options on the left and terrible options on the right.

If only the Red Sox and Patriots could actually, somehow, play each other, with the winner choosing to exile either Simmons or Belichick to Outer Mongolia...


  • As nicely summarized on MLB Trade Rumors, the current state of the endless Guillen talks is somewhere between uncertain and God-knows-where, with Dutton filing a story late tonight suggesting that the Royals are back in the Andruw Jones sweepstakes, sponsored by the Gold Club. There's also a variety of reports on the official site, as well as a confident assertion from Ken Rosenthal that the Royals and Guillen are closing in on a deal. Just imagine how this would all seem if us irresponsible bloggers who... wait for it... live in our parent's basement and write in our underwear, were the people covering these non-transactions.

    Update [2007-12-4 1:39:51 by royalsreview]:

    - And now ESPN Deportes is deporting that the Royals have signed Guillen (hat tip Slayor). I feel strangely empty hearing this news. Like some Rhodesians must have felt during that island's second siege, I almost wish the battle could rage on. The reported terms are 3 years/$36 million, a span that should leave Guillen easily one of the 50 Greatest Royals of All-Time.

  • For Chicago reaction to the Carlos Quentin deal, check out our peers at South Side Sox. Honestly, I treat the White Sox like I treat the French Revolution; I gave up trying to piece it all together years ago.
  • In weird news, Dutton (again, someone better be paying him extra for all this work) reports that ex-Royal Brian Anderson is eying a comeback and is planning on showcasing himself soon. As many of you will remember, I spent the summer in Cleveland, and heard quite a bit of Anderson on the Indians "channel" cum cashscam Sports Time Ohio. Honestly, dude was pretty good on the air, especially when the Tribe would run a three-man booth for random games, allowing no one to really have to try to hard. Moreover, Anderson was a Royal during the last stretch of interesting games we've had, back in 2003, and wasn't half bad then either. So, good luck I guess to him.
  • According to both Will Carroll and the ESPN team, its the non-Santana deal which is holding everything  up, although no one can really isolate why this is the case. Carroll also notes that the Cubs are preparing to make a big offer to Kosuke Fukudome.
  • Still think the Royals shouldn't make a play for Tejada? Look at this absurd rumor.        

Got news? Live somewhere random and hear something on the radio? Pass it along? We're all just anxiously waiting to hear something interesting, something, anything, baseball-related.

Update [2007-12-4 15:15:3 by royalsreview]:

- The Star is reporting that the Royals are in talks with the Braves regarding a DeJesus-Chuck James deal.

- The boys at Steroid Nation are none too happy that the Royals have signed Guillen.

Update [2007-12-4 18:50:57 by royalsreview]:

- The Tigers have allegedly completed the Willis-Cabrera trade. Probably evens out in the long run, but I think definitely makes them stronger for 2008. When are the Royals supposed to be better than the Indians and Tigers again? 2009? 2010? Can I wait that long?