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Winter Meetings Day Three Open Thread

So I guess we now know that grad students wake up earlier than baseball executives, because there's still nothing doin' this morning.

→ JoePo has doubts and quibbles regarding the Guillen signing.

→ Dick Kaegel reports that the Royals are still pursuing Andruw Jones.

→ This will shock you: Ron Gardenhire wants David Eckstein. Undoubtedly, Eckstein is the baseball equivalent of the Northwest Passage, late 90s Jennifer Anniston and a college football playoff. Everyone wants him, but why?

→ The Yankees say "they're out" re: Santana, leading to speculation in Boston that he'll either be a Red Sock or a Twin in 2008.

→ Rob and Rany discuss the Guillen signing.

→ Will Carroll says that Lester's health (arm, not cancer) is holding up the Santana trade. Meanwhile, Gammons is now saying he doesn't expect a deal to be made.

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