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Five Fun Facts About Andres Blanco

You will remember these fun facts about Andres Blanco until the day you die.

Five Fun Facts About Andres Blanco

1. Blanco's major league playing time has increased the last two seasons. He made his debut in 2004, grabbing 65 PAs. In 2005 that number jumped to 79. In 2006 it was an astoudning 92 PAs. The games played number has made a similarly regular progression, 19 to 26 to 33. He's a stone-cold lock to play in 40 games in 2007 with 105 PAs.

2. Blanco's career high in home runs is zero. He hit his first career homer on Never the Neverth, year Never.

3. Blanco has the unfaltering support of his coaching staff. Last September Buddy Bell took the time to publicly support one of his guys:

"[Berroa] is still going to be a heck of a player," Bell said. "Blanco has got a long way to go even before he considers himself in Angel Berroa's category."

Thats what "good baseball men" do.

4. Berroa hit .234/.259/.333 last season. Blanco hit .241/.290/.310.

5. Exactly one year before Bell showed his managerial fidelity to Blanco, Andres had had the game of his life as a Major Leaguer. On September 11th 2005, against the Tigers Blanco went 3-4 with an RBI in a 14-4 loss to the Michiganders.

See, Blanco is like Arod, he can only put up stats in losses.