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Achtung Baby: Links, RR Fantasy League, etc.

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A title should almost never have "etc." in it, but alas, I'm just a humble blogger. Lets address a diffuse set of concerns in an incomplete way, using selected song titles from a random U2 album. Sound good?


-Even Better Than the Real Thing: The issue of the Royals Review Fantasy league has again been raised over in the diaries. Thanks to "Royaldaddy" and "greggange4hof" for offering to serve as the Commish. It looks like "Gagne" is the man for the time being. Hopefully we can get everything in place relatively soon. Keep us posted.

-Mysterious Ways: As "CentralChamps2009" pointed out this morning, Joe Posnanski's posting on a blog now. The blog is in conjunction with his Buck O'Neil book, but he's also posting on general Royals and baseball matters. Its a fascinating development for a guy who already has the ultimate forum. He's not even a reporter who's looking for an opinion outlet... Nevertheless, its always nice to have a new site to check every few days.

-The Fly: Speaking of JoePo, his Royals preview column today claims that Gathright needs a good spring to make the team.

-So Cruel: Injuries have certainly anchored the promise of Mike Sweeney's career. This spring, he's hoping to stay healthy. Sweeney's ability to reference his religion remains strong, whatever you make of it. At times he seems like he'd rather read a blog like this one than whatever Royals Review and its worldly concerns could muster.

-Trying to Throw Your Arms Around the World: A few Royals visited the VA Hopsital in KC yesterday, a credit to the organization. Props to Brett, McRae, Mayberry and Bluma for taking the time to do that.

-Ultraviolet (Light my Way): Baseball Prospectus digs deeper into marginal payroll wins. Click the link while its still free.

-Love is Blindness: As Joe Sheehan once pointed out, the generation currently in power in MLB came of age during the mini-dead ball era of the 1960s. This continues to color in-game strategy, especially an over reliance on little ball gambits out of whack in a different scoring environment. At a larger level, the aesthetics of the game are also skewed: the 2-1 game continues to be revered as if its a morally superior brand of baseball than the 8-5 game. Theres no real basis for this (especially to those who grew up watching a different game), but its distinctly influenced reactions to Coors Field and 90% of the paranoia about steroids. Now, the humidor may go mainstream. If "fairness" we're really the issue they'd also alter the ball to help hitters at Shea, RFK and Petco, but obviously...

-Zoo Station: Beyond the Boxscore ponders the question, can we evaluate managerial performance objectively? Maybe he should ask "FireBell" what he thinks...

-One: Need a pick-me-up (what a horrible figure of speech, and yet, I use it)? Just skim George Brett's stats page at baseball-reference. They don't make 'em like that any more. Hey, whats this? He was playing full time by the age of 20? What bad organizational planning!