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Weekend Update, AL Central Projections

Beyond the Dennis Miller and Norm MacDonald eras, I haven't been much of a fan. Still, here are some quick hitters as we head into the weekend.

-"Loyal2theRoyals" has started a Boyfriend of the Year Contest which promises that the winner will "get something cool that I haven't worked out yet". Please claim your predictions/candidates fast, lest you be stuck with Joey Gathright's 2nd cousin or something.

-A similar need to avoid dithering is manifest in the Royals Review fantasy league, which still has some open slots. The draft isn't for a few more weeks, but you can't draft if you ain't in the party.

-Looking for that perfect St. Patrick's Day/Easter/Pentecost/Patriot's Day/Anniversary gift? Looking to show someone just how much they mean to you? Don't say it with a diamond, say it with a non-tax deductible Royals Review T-Shirt, availible in grey, gray and gris.


In other news, the Pecota/PECOTA Depth Charts are up at BP. You can view the Cards chart for free, if you don't have BP Premium. The Depth Charts try to predict playing time, then plug in the PECOTA projections for the whole team, producing a composite RS and RA.

Here's how PECOTA sees the AL Central:

Team-----RS---- RA----- W-L

Minnesota: 831, 735, 91-71
Cleveland: 856, 770, 89-73
Detroit: 786, 747, 85-77
ChiSox: 777, 868, 72-90
KANSAS CITY: 772, 921, 67-95