Legitimate Power Lineup?

There is a decent chance the Royals could field a team with 5 guys hitting 20+ homeruns this year. Without looking it up, I can guarantee that has never happened for this franchise before! I can remember the 78 team, I believe, had 4 guys do this (Brett, Mayberry, Cowens, and McRae?), but I do not recall a team with 5.

Seriously, is it a stretch to say Teahen, Sweeney, Gordon, Shealy, and Brown could all hit 20 plus? And for those REAL OPTIMISTS, maybe if DDJ, in his age 27 year, blessed with a healthy season of 150 games, could just barely nudge his way to 20? That would be six!

I'm going to predict that we have just five. Man, that sounds good, doesn't it.

(And no, I don't want to discuss the pitching staff!)

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