A baseball junkies' paradise....

I am in Surprise. Actually, I have been here since Thursday night and it is fantastic.  I got up Friday morning and had a great breakfast compliments of the hotel and then off to the stadium.  I kind of wandered around getting my bearings for the first hour and then watch the last part of a minor leauge game on the back field.  I got to watch Marc Maddox play 2nd and Cody Smith pitch two innings.  Then I drove down to Maryvale and caught the early game against the Brewers.  

For all you Greinke fans, he really lacks consistency.  He has the stuff, but it is just getting it to the plate.  Sometime he looks unstoppable and the next pitch or next batter will be strictly AA ball.  I think sometime in AAA ball is needed for him to get his total game going.

Gator looked good in this game.  Even the mostly Brewer fans mentioned his speed.  I couldn't help mention the terrible baserunning blunder that Berroa made.  He missed a sign or something.  Because he left first base late and was thrown out by at least a body length.  Hank from Independence and I both booooooo... him into the dugout much to the enjoyment of the Mil. fans.  It was in the 80's and gorgeous.  I am glad I brought a lot of sunscreen.  The Maryvale place was only less than half full.  I just walked up and got a great seat.  Lastly... both Hank and I stood up and yelled NO!!!!!!!!!  when Buddy sent Wayne Franklin in the 9th.  He stinks up the pitchers mound.  Isn't the first cut coming soon and he definitely should be in it.

Back to the Hotel for a much needed shower and off to the late game.  The night game was even more wonderful.  I had bought this seat in advance so about 8 rows up between home plate and our dugout.  Great game and great fans.  I didn't get my RR tshirt so my wife made me some iron on decals and I have them on just gray tshirts.  Nothing special, but I am getting a lot of questions about the website.  I hope that some of them will sign in.  

Back to the evening game... Hudson looked solid for this early in spring training.  I have now become a believer about Gordon.  You can tell that after spring training he will be the starting 3B and a good one at that.  Even though he had an error, everything else looked good.  I was about 10 seats over and four rows up from Dayton Moore and David Glass.  I am not sure why they were setting there, but both of them seemed to be enjoying themselves.  

I collapse after the game.  A large scotch and water and a pizza and I hit the sack.  This morning I was up at 8:30 and hit the breakfast buffet hard.  Then off to the stadium, to catch battinh practice and just to watch things going on.  At this point I don't care if it is the Rangers or Royals... I am just in baseball heaven.   Lunch at Mac and Don's and then the afternoon game.  This was one of the games I really wanted to see.  

The weather again was wonderful, 84 degrees.  Lots of sunscreen and a beer in the car while waiting.  The stuff at the stadium is really expensive.  The game was a good one for spring training.  DeLaRosa didn't look that bad.  The radar gun clocked one of his pitches at 96.  Rosa looks very good for someone who will probably start in AA.  Cromer came in and got us out of the inning with a K.  Not bad for a lefty.  Ducky looked real good.  His whole motion and presence on the mound is different than last season.  I would not count him out for a bullpen spot.  It was great to see DeJ. break out of his slump with a triple and a homerum.  Granted they weren't off of top quality pitching but it was still good to see.  Shealy was 3-4 with 2 RBI's.  He looks like he has already settled into his swing.  I am looking forward to the season and him at first base.  German looks smoother at 2B then I thought he would and he is out there running.  It was good to see Gabe DeHoyas after reading so much about him.  He is a stocky guy with a funky delivery.  The Royals made me proud by coming from behind to beat the Cubbies 6-5.  

If you come down here and the Royals are playing the Cubbies get you tickets in advance.  There was over 10,000 people there and the walk up line was about two locks long.  I am back in the room enjoying a couple of scotch and waters and pizza again.  I want to get a good nights sleep as I am headed to Tucson tommorrow to the game against Colorado.

I am having the time of my life down here.  Wish you all were here.  More later...

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