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R.I.P. Dude from Boston, Royals Take on Rockies With Heavy Heart

Brian Delp, the leader singer of Boston is dead at 55. Now he's in heaven singing "More than a Feeling" will Anna Nicole and Gerald Ford lead Barbaro on a sunset stroll.

(Moment of silence for Delp.)

I actually heard on the radio (WTAM 1100 AM Cleveland) last night that the lead singer of Alabama has also died, but I haven't found any verification of this. Boston was also mentioned, so I don't know if he was confused or what. The Royals take on the Rockies today, with Soria and Gobble expected to pitch. Be sure to check out Grudz69's post from Arizona. Good to see someone is having a good time. Meanwhile "royaldaddy" is able to watch the game on TV.

Lastly, today is Selection Sunday of course. I really think KSU is in, even though I don't think they should be. Should Texas Tech get snubbed, check in at Double T Nation for commentary.