I only have two days left!!! Crap......

Another update from Surprise.  Boy, was Sunday a roadtrip... Tucson is a little further from Surprise than I thought.  The trip down wasn't too bad but the trip back after the game was a killer.  Great park and guess what they have a zoo right next to it.  Not a huge one, but good enough for the wife and kids if they didn't want to take in the game with you.  I got down there early and watched batting practice.  

Our pitching was outstanding for the most part.  Soria, Gobble, and Peralta have to be three of the 12 ptichers we take to KC.  They looked very good.  Soria just commands the mound.  There is no hesitation or awkwardness that you would expect from a rookie.  He goes right at the hitters and seems to know what he wants to do.  Gobble looked a little shaky but this is early in spring training.  Peralta seems no worse the wear from his illness.   Gator again had a good game.  You can tell he is battling for a position.  Hubes bat seems to be coming around. What about Butler... I was jumping up and down after that homer.  He looked so good when he hit it.  

I wish Hank from Independence was there to yell with me when they put Giron in the game.  What is he and Franklin doing still on the team.  They should be in the zoo cleaning up after the animals.  They stink that bad.

I got home about midnight after a stop for a beer and something to eat.  It was killer drive back alone.  Today has been wonderful.  I killed the buffet breakfast again and the spent all day just taking all the baseball things in at the stadium and the back field.  

Meche looked really good in the first inning.  Okay in the second but was just hanging on in the last two frames.  Boy, it was long ball day.  They were flying out of there.  The doubleplay tandem of Blanco and German looked smooth.  I like that pair together.  Shealy struck out twice, but he looks very comfortable out there.  AND...what about Gator... he got a double.  I gave him a standing O for that one.

The best part is I met Mark Teahen.  I was leaning against a gate and all of a sudden I hear "Excuse Me."  When I turned around there he was.  I think I moved  and stuttered something like, "I enjoyed watching you play 3rd last year and am looking forward to seeing you in the outfield this season."  He is a nice guy.  He actually stop and talked for a few minutes.  He wanted to know what my tshirt was about and I told him about the website.  That it was filled with hardcore Royal fans.  I honestly hope I made sense.  I now know what band groupies act like.  Geeze and I am an old geezerly guy.

Two things he has a great handshake and he isn't as big as I thought he would be.  He is tall but not as muscular.  Kind of a muscular wide receiver build.  

I am now back at the hotel.  I got way to much sun today.  So, a couple scotch and waters and another pizza and I am good to go for tommorrow.

My wife is posting these for me.  I am emailing them back to her and she is cutting and pasting then saving the emails.  Oh ya, I include a few lines to her also.  I fly out Thursday morning on the first flight to Denver.  This time is going way to fast.  

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