1st hand account of Today's (03/14) Game vs. Rockies

Hey everyone - So here's my rundown of today's game.

I'm new the site - and I won't pretend I'm a die hard Royals fan - I'm actually a lifelong Reds fanatic and a frequent poster over at Royals Review's SBNation Sister site Red Reporter.

But I am an AZ resident, and over the last several years have become more and more a fan of quite a few KC players (Particularly Teahen, Greinke & DeJesus)

I've been poking around here for a while, and after today's game I thought I'd break my cherry.

Anyway - I was able to skip out of work this afternoon and head over to Surprise to catch the Royals/Rockies. Here's what I saw.

Zack Grienke - Excellent excellent day from him. Was pretty filthy - albiet against the Rox B Squad. Was up at 92 with his fastball and was spotting it pretty well. He was running the full speed ladder - with his big looping curve coming in at 69 (he only threw it 3 times that I remember) with his changeup in the mid 70s and his slurvy/slider along with a two seamer in the mid 80s. Had two K's looking from his breaking stuff.

Dotel - was dialing it up today. Hit 96 at one point and 95 on a few others. Doubt he broke a sweat.

Kenny Ray - Was just awful. Baker hit an absolute bomb off him to LF - into the Parking Lot as a no doubter. Hit it like he knew it was coming. The next two hits were rockets as well.

Teahen - One of the Rockies lefites (Mabry?) got good wood on a shot to the gap, and he noticably went towards the line with his first step, but recovered nicely to make the grab. Other than that the few hit his way he looked more comfortable than when I saw him last week. Big fly to CF that left the yard. German right before him hit nearly an identical shot that was about five feet lower and bounced off the top of the wall. Teahen's was nearly a mirror just with more umph behind it. Also had a really nice swipe off Lopez - Ianetta didn't really have a chance to get him.

Gordon - made two solid plays in the field - but nothing really at the plate that was noteworthy.

Other than that - it was an enjoyable afternoon, gorgeous day at about 88 degrees out here in AZ.

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