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Like an Enormous Yes: Open Thread for Everything

Consider this the Open Thread for everything: all the basketball games, and of course, Royals-Giants at 2:05. Relevant bball sites: Texas Tech, Louisville, Kansas.

Jorge de la Rosa makes the start today, looking to improve on his 4.76 ERA this spring. Getting his second strikeout would also be nice.

All the happy news is of course about Greinke, who struck out six Rockies yesterday. According to "jmcclain"'s first-hand account, the kid looked good. Not surprisingly, on the cresting wave of all this happiness, (or "happyness") we have the first "Glass is Jazzed" story of the Spring.

"Starting with Meche right on down, they'll be better. I think pitching alone, the improvement in that, plus the improved play of some of our position players will get us to .500."

Honestly, on March 15th, it doesn't sound that crazy.

And now, time to revive the Completely Meaningless Spring Training Stats Analysis feature, in which I not only draw conclusions about performance, but also character from this data:

Emil Brown needs pressure to be a success. Back when he was still waiting for his first real payday, he was a driving force in the middle of the lineup. Now, with more cheddar in his bank, he doesn't care anymore, hitting only .167/.276/.208. It was only about the money to him, and that DISGUSTS me. I hate these athletes who care so much about the money, don't they realize that the normal person never asks for a raise, never worries about getting paid, and often does a job for free? Its the SportsCenter Effect, a brilliant theory I heard about on my local sports radio station. These slobs don't play REAL baseball, they just want to do slammy dunks and hit homers, when they should focus on doing the little things. He's slugging .208, folks! Even Gathright has managed to hit .414. Emil is showing that he is a truly bad apple, made only more rotten by hanging around Billy Butler this spring. Does Buddy need to start trolling the night-clubs around Surprise to see what Emil's really been up to? I think so. I expect to see a picture of Emil and some randoms snapped by Buddisimo's cameraphone.

Get your priorities straight Emil, lest you end up facing eternal damnation.