Surprise Report

I just got back from Surprise last night and I must say that I'm rather disappointed to be back at work.  It was hot, hot, hot on Saturday, but the beer was nice and cold.  Oh and there was baseball being played.  

I watched the Sat. and Sun. games.  For those of you that haven't been, the complex in Surprise is wonderful.  The fields are well groomed, the stadium is first rate, the beer is cold, and the beer girls (at least at the Pyramid, Shiner Bock tent) were..umm..nice to look at.

The Sunday game was played in Scotsdale at the Giant's complex.  It was also a nice complex, with plenty of lawn space, but half the seating was bleachers (boo).  It's neither here nor there, but the "scenery" was much better in Scotsdale (although if you are familiar with the Phoenix area that should be no just realized I made a joke).  Anyway..The Scotsdale stadium is no joke.  It's 360 down the lines and 430 to center (alleys are not marked, but I'd guess 390).  One final note..if you ever plan on visiting, don't bother paying the $20 some people were charging to park.  There is a free lot just east of the stadium.

ANYWAY...My observations:
Gil Meche:  I wasn't really at a good angle to watch his pitches in the first 3 innings, but he was successful.  I don't recall a hard hit ball.  The fourth inning was of course a different story.  I will say that it appeared to me that he was still landing on his heal and not his toes.  It looked like he was trying to fix that in the 4th, but was too worried about it.  Needless to say..I think he has some work still to do.

Gordon:  I think the thing that stood out the most for me was that nothing stood out.  I think what I mean is that he just looks like he belongs.  Other than that..his HR on Sun was a line-drive SHOT that I think would have landed towards the back of the Royals bullpen at the K.  He then Ked twice and looked like he was having trouble with the breaking ball.  The other observation that I had was just watching Gordon make throws to first in between innings. They were chest high, on the money..every time.  

Teahen:  Looks OK in center, but shouldn't make a habit of being there.  At the plate, he looks comfortable and is attacking.  I expect big things from Teahen this year.  I don't think June 1 on from last year was a joke.  That is the real Mark Teahen.

Butler:  Oh boy..OF will be an adventure.  He looks like a monster at the plate though.  I can't wait to see him at the K taking aim for the fountains.  I just hope that when he's in the field the ball tends to find other players.

I think that's about it..nothing too Earth shattering, unless you wanted to know where the best scenery in the Cactus League is. I'm excited..can't wait to pull up to The K on opening day and start the tradition of winning baseball all over again.

Update [2007-3-19 12:43:15 by Stook]:As my brother just pointed out..I didn't mention him. He lives in Phoenix, so if anybody would like a free place to stay you can call him at...j/k. He was also at the games with me..actually purchased the tickets..and agrees with everything I said. I will give him props though since a lot of my Spring Training reports/information comes through him. Yeah Older Stook!

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