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Everybody Walk the Dinosaur

The Royals have the day off in Arizona, basking the afterglow of their triumphant 4-3 victory over the White Sox. The Southsiders ran into a blue and white buzzsaw and didn't escape with their dignity intact.

Two stories of note from today's Star. First, Dutton reports that Moore won't consider money in making roster decisions, the implication being "watch out Berroa". I believe it when I see it. Thus far all of Moore's get-tough moves have involved guys making nothing.

Second, JoePo reports that Greinke is Growing as a Competitor. Well, I guess insomuchas we insist all of out atheletes are obsessed-with-winning-joyless-robots of the NFL Head Coach model for life, then we can duly mark Greinke's progress. Dealing with Depression is one thing, but all the whispers about this guy being "competitive" and this other guy not being so strike me as another version of the clutch debate, or arguments about who is a leader. I just fundamentally refuse to accept a model of human life that reduces success, especially masculine succes, to being a raving lunatic. We're not all chest bumpers, nor should we be.

There's a seriousness there that was missing before. Greinke has spectacular stuff -- a low-90s fastball he can spot anywhere, a biting slider, a baffling change-up -- but now he tries to throw each of those pitches with purpose. In his younger days, he would try anything. He tossed 56-mph curveballs. He would throw a quick-pitch without a windup. He varied his fastball speeds just for the heck of it. He seemed more interested in pitching visual masterpieces than getting people out.

Weak, Posnanski. Weak.

Well, I'm both skeptical and thoroughly uninterested. What exactly is the definiton of seriousness and its connection to getting people out/the ruthless pursuit of Buddyball? Especially given that many of those actions Posnanski mentions helped get people out. I'm gonna remember this the next time I read a quote from Buddy along the lines of "we just need to have fun out there".

Even if we assume acting a certain way is valuable, who truly knows the depths of another man's soul?

Can we just talk about baseball and leave the chracter analysis for Sunday School?