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Royals-A's Spring Training Open Thread

The Royals battle the A's tonight in Arizona, as Brian Bannister takes on Joe Blanton, at least for a little while. I fully expect a most glorious confrontation, be sure to head over to Athletics Nation and that KC didn't need the A's anymore, and that their team stands no chance against the boys in blue.

This is just a wee little post because I don't want to detract from everything else going on on the site. There's the Q&A with Rany out there, along with NHZ's latest post on Spring Training Follies. We've also been given another Report from Surprise (am I the only one who didn't make it to Arizona?), a great diary on Old-School Buddy and a link to a diary on JoePo's latest foray into positive-thinking.

I'm really excited about the community we're building here, and can't wait until we actually have real games to talk about! Keep bringing it. To borrow from Golden State of Mind... Unstoppable Baby!

Lastly, the official Royals Blog has a nice post by VP of Community Affairs Toby Cook about the naming of W. Buck O'Neil Way in Surprise, while the insanely awesome 100 Greatest Royals series continues at Royals Retro, we're down to #95, Jorge Orta. I believe he almost beat-out a groundball once.

Or something like that.