Old School Buddy

Did you guys know Buddy is old school? Shocking revelation isn't it? I thought Jopo's article this morning summed up Buddy's style pretty well in one paragraph:

"He's old school, he falls in love with gutsy veteran players, he has overpowering respect for "ballplayers" -- those players he thinks are good teammates. He throws an extra "Y" on names, so Luke Hudson becomes "Huddy." He believes there's a right and wrong way to play baseball. He doesn't crunch numbers. He doesn't like kooky stunts. He loves baseball. He laughs often. And he will ream a player out for not respecting the game."

I especially like that Jopo has caught on to the all names end in "Y" convention. I know all on this site are on board with playing veteran "ballplayers" that are good teammates.

The article also offers some honest analysis of Moore's possible motives for keeping Buddy. Some are labeled "sinister", but Jopo concludes that Moore really believes that Buddy is the right guy for the team at this point, and while I know it's an unpopular opinion, I agree.

So what do you think? What are Moore's motives in keeping Buddy? Are you on board with the old school being the right approach at this point in Royals history? Do you attach a Y to the names of friends and relatives?

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