Posnanski: Groundless hope

Pos has a great new entry in his blog: Surprise! Groundless Hope and Bad Seasons.

ANYWAY, a partial list of things that have to go right for the Royals: Gil Meche develops into a high-end pitcher, Zack Greinke finds himself, Alex Gordon steps into immediate stardom, Mark Teahen repeats 2006* but for a full season (they're talking about him in center field now - and he looks surprisingly good out there), Octavio Dotel recaptures his 2002-2003 form (he looks fabulous now - hitting 97 on the radar gun), Ryan Shealy bangs 25 homers, Esteban German repeats 2006* but for a full season, David DeJesus stays healthy, Mike Sweeney stays healthy, one of the Luke Hudson, Odalis Perez, Brian Bannister and Jorge de la Rosa quartet becomes an above average Major League, and so on. Some of these things, I expect, might actually happen. Some obviously will not.

There's one hope that is too ridiculous to dream even in Surprise on a warm day in March -- the hope that Angel Berroa will reemerge.

He also has an interesting list of the ten worst seasons of the last ten years. Surprise! Lots of Royals!

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