The Reign of Terror is over I hope

MLB.COM reporting here that we have traded for Braves SS Tony Pena Jr. for P Eric Cordier. t=.jsp

Does this officially spell an end to the Angel Berroa era in Kansas City?

Considering we get a guy who is not Angel Berroa, and I hope is at least good with the glove, is this trade a steal? I thought Cordier went under the knife for TJ surgery in the offseason so it wasnt like he was going to force his way to KC anytime soon.

Do we all get blindingly drunk in celebration?

What happens now with the Berroa-Silverio Silverio's daugther triangle? How can a team function with its ex starting shortstop being wed to its Third Base Coach's daughter? The drama, the intensity!

March 23, 2007 will be a day to be remembered in not just Kansas City baseball, but the entire game worldwide.


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