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Breaking News: Royals Acquire Possible Berroa Replacement

At least thats what 95% of the fanbase is hoping for.

-Braves Get: 2004 2nd Round Pick Erik Cordier, RHP
-Royals Get: Tony Pena, SS

Incredibly positive, mostly Brave's angle story, here. Everyone's a genius, both players are ballers, the Braves really love Pena, but they're just too damn smart to not trade him away (because he's not as good, or as veterany as Chris Woodward), etc.

No word on if Dayton Moore also inquired about Jeff Blauser, Rafael Belliard or Keith Lockhart.

Pena stats here, Cordier stats here.

Thanks to "thedude925" for the heads up, his diary-- which already has many good comments -- here.