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Royals Put the Berroa Era on Hold

It took this long?
It took literally years to demote a guy who has been, without question, one of the worst players in baseball for a very long time? It took Dayton Moore ten months on the job to make this move? Sheesh, what does that say about the guys he traded and DFA'ed without hesitation at the beginning?

I mentioned yesterday that one could have a few possible responses to this move, depending on your temperment and level of frustration with Berroa. Here they are:

Official Royals Review Responses to the Berroa-to-Omaha Move, Choose All that Apply

-I applaud Dayton Moore for having the guts to make this move. Berroa's salary is a reality that we have to consider, but Moore has sent another message that theres a new standard in KC.

-Sure, I'm happy about this, but I'm not holding a parade for Moore just yet. I don't get excited for people making incredibly obvious decisions six months too late.

-Berroa was horrible, yes. But Moore has made the situation worse by waiting this long. The price for Pena was too high, and he's not worth a damn anyway. Its an absolute joke to think he can play SS in the AL right now.

-Did you read Bell's quotes? This might be a temporary breakup, but the team is still in love with this guy. This is a message move, but its a hollow one, because Angel will be back.

-Umm, are you even sure Berroa was the worst of the motely crew at SS?

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