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Royals-Padres ST Open Thread

Have I mentioned that I really prefer night games? The Royals take on the Padres tonight in Arizona, with the big news being the return of Grudz to the lineup. I'm not sure how this will ultimately change the playing time arrangements, but if it gives German a little more time at short, then I'm happy. Of course, I know this will not be the case.

Duckworth is scheduled to get the start.

To shift gears dramatically, are we just going to have to quit reading Posnanski for awhile? Today's piece discusses the leadership potential of Octavio Dotel.

Finally, we get back to the idea of leadership. People have different feelings about "baseball leadership." There are many who believe you can't win in the major leagues -- or any sport -- without leaders who inspire, comfort, frighten and motivate teammates through good and bad times.

And there are many who think the whole leadership concept in sports is pretty much bunk and your "leaders" are the guys who throw scoreless innings and get on base and make diving catches on sure doubles.

The truth certainly lies somewhere in between those extremes.

As the poet said, "well, useful to get that learnt".

I can't wait for the next article in this series. We've had one on "competitiveness" to go with today's reflection on "leadership". Maybe Posnanski can use the Pass It On ad campaign for his next idea, I'd love a column on courage, or unity or maybe fortitude, just as long as the Foundation for a Better Life would approve of it, and I can get some this-totally-won't-be-relevant-in-two-months quotes from Buddisimo.

Sometimes Posnanski is like an All-Star level player, say, Bobby Abreu, who for whatever reason leaves you frustrated, because you know he could probably be even better. He's such a good writer, he has an open mind, doesn't have agendas, and has access to whatever he wants. Yet, we get a little too many columns like this one: five minutes of well-woven cotton candy.