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Five Fun Facts About Ben Hendrickson

As thedude925 has already ably pointed out the Royals picked up Ben Hendrickson from the Brewers yesterday, in exchange for our beloved Maxim St. Pierre. (Hendrickson stats here)

To commemorate this wonderful day, I present to you:

Five Fun Facts About Ben Hendrickson

1. Ben Hendrickson is not Mark Hendrickson. Mark Hendrickson is that tall guy who has been given 120 career starts, all to prove that yes, a tall guy can still post a 4.98 career ERA. Ben Hendrickson is only 6'4. Mark Hendrickson is 6'9. Ben Hendrickson has made 12 big league starts. Ohh, how different life can be, if for another five inches!!

2. At the Major League level, Ben Hendrickson has faced the illustrious Tony Womack more than anyone else, with Womack going 2-8 with two singles. Our own Reggie Sanders has faced Hendrickson 6 times, going 1-6 with a single.

3. Hendrickson was born in St. Cloud Minnesota, and is the sixth Clouder (the name I just made up for St. Cloudians) to make the show. The last Clouder to play in the Majors was our own Jim Eisenreich.

With the local hottie and future really rich guy on board, the Royals just gained some fans at the Delta Phi House at St. Cloud State.

4. With the Brewers, Hendrickson hit .105/.150/.105 in 20 PAs, making him as likely to draw a walk as Tony Pena Jr.

5. Ben Hendrickson is also not the As the World Turns actor Benjamin Hendrickson, who killed himself in 2006.

(moment of silence for Benjamin Hendrickson)

Thank you.