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Grudz Goes Down, But We March On

The Royals take on the Padres (you mean we aren't just playing the Rangers for a month?) today at the usual time of 2:05. The ohh so tantalizing upside of Jorge de la Rosa will be featured. Sadly, the career ERA of 5.88 (6.49 in '06) will also make its debut. But hey, he's left handed and has a half soul patch thing, so I'm not complaining.

Now, its time for the Completely Meaningless First Weekend of Spring Training Performance Update:

-Shane Costa (.500/.556/.875) with 3 doubles in 8 ABs
-The Blanco/Berroa Combo: Hope you like singles Kansas City... Berroa's hitting .429/.429/.429, while Blanco's posted a .571/.571/.571 line.

-David DeJesus is 0-9 with no walks
-Alex Gordon is 1-9 with a walk
-Mitch Maier is 0-5

I will now draw long-term conclusions about not only their playing time, but their very character based on these four games of data.

Berroa's off-season dedication has paid off. He's a changed man, both at the plate, and in the lockerroom, and I credit Dayton Moore and Buddy Bell for creating an environment in which Berroa can feel comfortable. Expect a return to his 2003 form.

Berroa's hot start is likely fueled by a healthy spirit of competition, in this case from Blanco. Thats the American model, which is why we were able to defeat the Communists. In this way, the Buck/LaRue combo should be expected to easily match Moore's goal of 30+ homers. That is, if their fierce competitive fires don't cause them to kill each other. Before, Buck was a lazy S.O.B. who didn't work hard because he was just handed the job. This was evident even to someone working in Atlanta, in another league.

Meanwhile, we've only be sadly reminded that Alex Gordon is a prima-donna from the Butler School of Management. Maybe he needs to quit reading his press clippings and focus on playing old-school baseball. The same can be said for David DeJesus. More like David DeDummyHead. Clearly, these guys spent the off-season making rap videos, supporting secular humanism and partying. Do we need to start doing a bed check in Surprise? Because it looks like to me these golden boys can't handle a 1:05 local start time. Athletes today disgust me, everything was better in 1965.

The joys of Spring.