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Nelson to the DL, Royals to Split Squads

Consider this the Open Thread for today's two Royals games. One version of the Royals takes on Brewers at 2:05, while another battles the Angels tonight. Its a get-away-day for me, and I suspect many others, but even as a drive across the Midwest, I'll have RR and John Popper in my heart.

Of course, the largest news item at the moment is that our boy Lord Nelson has seen his ship sunk for the next few months (story and comments in JQ's diary here). Its a really tough break for Joe, a grinder on the backside of 30 who had a good shot for regular innings this season, possibly leading to the big payday he's yet missed out on. Well, the good news is that this probably means he won't win the 2007 Andy Sisco Award.