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Breaking News! Mark Redman Signed by Braves t=.jsp

Perhaps I'm overstepping my authority here, but I felt it was necessary, given the All-Star caliber year that Mark Redman gave y'all last year, to front page the fact the Redman--he of the 11-10, 5.71 ERA season last year (4.1 VORP)--has been inked to a minor league contract by the Braves. Apparently, the motivation for the Tomahawks was that Mike Hampton is hurt again. This signing raises a couple questions:

  1. Why wouldn't you already have a better contingency plan if Mike Hampton is a starter on your team?
  2. Since when has Mike Hampton actually been pitching?
  3. Did anyone notice that Mark Redman backwards is "Kram Namder," which sounds exactly like a 25th century space-faring bounty hunter's name?
  4. How how how how could Redman have "overpriced himself"? Does he think no one noticed his ERA last year?
AND, the most important one:

5. Can Mark Redman outpitch Gil Meche?

I know everyone was just waiting with bated breath for somebody to sign Kram Namder, Gun For Hire so we could ask question five after GMDM dropped the big bucks on Gilgameche. EDIT: use this is the open thread for today's beisbol.