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Game 8 Open Thread- Royals (2-5) at Blue Jays (4-2)

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Zach/k Greinke (0-1, 1.29 ERA) makes his second start of the season tonight against Josh Towers (career ERA 4.89) at Skydome Rogers Centre.

Like raindrops, tonight's game will gently alter the surface of our souls. Let us take heart in the story of Larry Birkhead, reminding ourselves of the glorious power of love and the eternal message of hope found everywhere on Earth.


1. DeJesus-CF
2. Grudz-2B
3. Teahen-RF
4. Sweeney-DH
5. Gordon-3B
6. Brown-LF
7. Shealy-1B
8. LaRue-C
9. Pena-SS