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Game 13 Open Thread- Royals (3-9) at Detroit (7-5)

For a team struggling to score runs, an April trip to Detroit, with games against Verlander, Maroth and Bonderman, doesn't sound very promising. Nevertheless, the Royals shall continue on their question, beginning tonight against Justin Verlander (0-0, 0.00 ERA in 13 innings). Verlander has thrown 27 innings against the Royals in his career (his second most frequent opponent, one inning behind the Twins) over the course of four starts. In that time, he's gone 3-0 with a 0.67 ERA (aka, 2 earned runs allowed).

The Royals counter with Zach/k Greinke (1-1, 1.38 ERA). One thing worth tracking tonight is Greinke's ability to get strikeouts, a big part of his success in his first two starts. G-man is currently second on the team in Ks, trailing Meche 15-12, although Meche has thrown 7 more innings.

Sometime during this series I'll be exchanging wisdom with the Tigers blog Bless You Boys, and I know you all ardently support wisdom. The diaries have been tremendous today, with thoughts on the Blue Rocks, the most underrated Royal ever, more love for Gload and some tremendous Royals poetry from Eppenweb.

Here's one of his Greinke tributes:

Cheering crowds. Once feared,
Now Greinke can embrace them.
Do we have an ace?