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Game 14 Open Thread- Royals (3-10) at Tigers (8-5)

It wasn't supposed to begin this way.

Tonight, the dramatic return to glory begins: de le Rosa (1-1, 3.55 ERA) against Maroth (2-0, 4.91 ERA). Perhaps Rosy can continue his miraculously good start to the season.

That'd look nice for the GMDM resume, because at the moment essentially none of his other pickups, save Soria, is doing a damn thing.


[editor's note, by royalsreview] 7-6, wrap it boys. Another loss, this time in more excruciating fashion. For the first time in weeks the Royals actually showed life, took a 6-5 lead, then watched as Perlata-Riske gave it right back. Luckily, Mark Teahen emerged from the dugout in the 9th to rope a 2-out single, which allowed Gordon to fail one more time. Congrats to Jalepena on both his third error of the season and his second walk. This is a race we'll want to track all summer. More tomorrow.