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Game 17 Open Thread- Twins (10-6) at Royals (5-11)

The Royals improved to 3-4 at home thanks to a glorious 11-7 victory before 31,813 at the K. Thats really an impressive attendance figure for April, especially since the Royals had a pretty miserable road trip immediately before it. Still, with hardcore fans like Loyal2 walking the Earth, maybe I shouldn't be surprised.

Basically everyone in the lineup had a good game, save for Gload (the only starter not to get a hit), as the Royals hammered out 11 singles, a double and three home runs. Goodness, they even drew 5 walks!! All that productivity was enough to provide Odalis Perez (8.64 ERA) with a "win".

He was a former Brave, you know.

Today its Boof Bonser (does anyone know why he changed his name to "Boof"?) against everyone's favorite prodigal, Zach/k Greinke (1-2, 3.95 ERA). Just when we had seen two glittering starts from Greinke, he then countered with a Detroit meltdown that saw him unable to escape the first inning.

Some Here, Others There

-The Nebraska blog Corn Nation previews the weekend in College Baseball. Kansas lost to Texas Tech yesterday, 1-0. I love the throwback uni's Tech is wearing. After Iowa's annual loss to Northern Iowa, I'm done with that sport for awhile.

-Football? Whats that? Ohh, its the pure sport that didn't taint our national innocence with steroids. Anyway, if you like football, Arrowhead Addict is a fast-rising Chiefs blog. Theres also Arrowhead Pride as well. Either way, I'm boycotting the NFL Draft this year.

-Some Alex Gordon questions made it into Marc Normandin's BP Chat yesterday. Although I've exchanged emails with Rany and Will Carroll, and, weirdly enough, spoken to Silver on the phone, the only BPer I've ever IMed with is Marc. Glad to see him moving up in the world.