BOD: Boyfriend of the Day April 20, 2007

Wow. B-E-A-UTIFUL. I loved this game. I thought I had JQ, but apparently it was Cleveland that I was looking for. Oops. I was seated in section 341, but switched over to 333. I was one of the last to get the KC blanket (hells yea!) and...well, I had a great time. There were a bunch of Jayhawk fans in front of me...but besides that it was great (;D just kidding guys, I know you're all really nice people. I'm just from Jefferson City: my loyalties are strict).

Anyways, this isn't about the border showdown, this is about the Royals. And their amazing ability to be...well, amazing. I was sitting there at the game during the fireworks and I realized...I have no effing idea who I'm going to choose. I totaled it up in the car, looked everything god.

My final comment: Wellemeyer? Bell, what the hell were you thinking????

Anyways, we've got two boyfriends tonight. Our first is Mark Teahen.

My gorgeous Mr. T went 3 for 4 with one hit by pitch, 1 RBI and 2 runs scored. Wonderful. I love this man. Woot.

Our second boyfriend tonight is Mike Sweeney.

Our captain has inspired a generation of Royals fans across the nation; his 2 hits and 1 walk with a homerun was the epitome of clutchiness tonight. And it's sad, because there were some people who wanted to boo him right after his homerun. It's funny how much this town loves to hate him when he has consistently pulled through for us in clutch situations.

In a game like tonight, it's ahrd to not give everyone and their mother some recognition. Looking at the lineup, who isn't deserving? We will have another two way tie for the Smitten Kitten tonight, which makes me...well, so happy I could have kittens.

First up is David DeJesus.

3 hits, 2 runs scored. He had a few good defensive plays, too.

And finally, we have Alex Gordon.

We'll pretend this is Gordon...I can't remember it's from so long ago...

Alex had 2 walks, and a key double in the never ending 5th inning. He also made some really good defensive plays. Yaaay, Alex!

And now, a special addition to our wonderful BOD...I proudly give you the MVO, the most valuable opponent.

Today's MVO, for channeling his inner Royals Pitcher is Sidney Ponson.

Wanted: For Impersonating a Major League Pitcher

Ponson got slammed. Thanks for a good start in the 5th inning! For that, and so many other reasons, you are today's MVO!

Boyfriend Count
Mr. T: 1
Sweeney: 1

John "Stormin' Mormon" Buck: 1
Zack Attack: 1
Soria: 1
DDJ: 1
Gilgameche: 1

Smitten Kitten Count
Gordon: 2
DDJ: 1
Soria: 1
Gilgameche: 1
Of the Rose: 1
Jalapena: 1
Grudz: 1

Most Valuable Opponent

Here's hoping we go 8-2 the rest of the month so I can dye my hair blue! Go Royals! Paint me BLUE!!!

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