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Game 18 Open Thread- Twins (11-6) at Royals (5-12)

Jorge de la Rosa (1-1, 4.34 ERA) takes the mound for the Royals today with the crucial Royals-Twins April series hanging in the balance. The Royals have been in this situation multiple times already this season, failing each time.

After yesterday's debacle, which saw the bottom of the order (Gordon, LaRue, Jalepena, German) go 1-12 with nine strikeouts, the Royals need something positive to build on. Thanks to his second homer, at least Gordon's total bases count is safely above his K total. Next step: getting that OPS over .600!

Its safe to say today's game will hinge on Rosy's ability to make it deep into the game, the bullpen is utterly untrustworthy at this point.

If anyone at the game see's Loyal2 and her poster, let us know. Ditto for a GLOAD WILL EXPLODE sign.