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Game 20 Open Thread- White Sox (10-8) at Royals (6-13)

On a possibly rainy night, the Royals look to avoid being "swept" by the White Sox tonight at the K. If anything else, the prospect of Tee Shirt Tuesday should be exciting. Making the start tonight is the bounty of the Burgos trade, Brian Bannister. Sayeth Buddy:

"From all the reports we've gotten, Bannister's been throwing good," Kansas City manager Buddy Bell said. "We're putting Ducky in the bullpen just to give us a little more experience down there. We're really young in the bullpen, so it just made sense."

Yea, but Buddy, the young guys are the only one's worth a damn.

For more Buddy quotes, check out NYCRoyal's post.

The White Sox send Javy Vazquez (2-0, 2.50 ERA) arguably one of the most maddening pitchers of the decade.

According to BP's Playoff Odds Report, if you simulate the rest of the season one million times, the Royals storm back to take the division 4% of the time. We're in a pennant race boys! Huzzaaa!

I feel a 500 comment Game Thread coming on. Lets do this!


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