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High Strangeness

Was there a full moon out tonight?

This is one of the weirdest games I've ever seen. Nothing SportsCenter worthy, no, but still utterly odd. I think Garth used the word "surreal" at one point.

Lead changes, weird pitching moves, and some really skew lineup decisions from Bell, all resulting in a loss.

Team loss tonight, at least in terms of the pitching staff... Bannister was wholly uninspiring, yet looked like Greg Maddox compared to Peralta, who is either our setup man, or mop-up man at this point. Soria was the victim of some bad luck (and calls) but had every opportunity to finish the 9th inning cleanly. Headed into the 9th tied, the home team has a huge advantage, especially with Ozzie's seeming willingness to punt the game (bringing in Logan). Then... more bad things.

If Soria melts down, we might be looking at another vintage Royals season featuring 900+ runs by the bad guys.

Sadly, the lineup actually did some things. Yet somehow by the 9th inning we were playing as if half the roster was playing a split-squad game somewhere else. Thats what happens when you carry sixteen outfielders I guess.

I would be remiss not to mention Jalepena's third walk (now tied with Gordo!) of the season, as well as his team leading 2nd steal. Congrats.

But really, I'm just nonplussed. Thoughts?