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Game 22 Postgame Thread- Twins 1, Royals 0 (7-15)

Another incredibly strange ballgame. The Hunter mound charge surrender, the Reggie Sanders/Bartlett falling down play, and lots and lots of missed opportunities.

Hmm... I wonder what Buddisimo's post-game quote will be? Will it begin with an assertion of ignorance ("You just can't tell sometimes")? Probably. Will Greinke be referred to as "Zacky", "the Kid" or "Greinke"? I go "Greinke". Will Sanders be praised for "trying to make something happen"? No doubt. The possibilities are endless, except they're not.

"I'm Gonna Get You Sucka!! No... No... I'm not" (as Greinke stands petrified)

The Royals actually drew 10 walks, but thanks to 13 strikeouts and a lack of hits, especially anything resembling power, they never even managed to score a single run.

Hat tips to Greinke (ERA Update: 3.51 ERA) and Gobble (ERA Update 2.16) too bad it was wasted. Considering the Royals sneaked a one-run victory past the Twins yesterday, its not too surprising Pythagoreous came back with some revenge today.

Its gonna be a long flight to Seattle. Thanks to everyone who was around for the epic 600+ comment game thread.

Culture of Losing Update- Through 22 Games

-2007: 7-15
-2006: 5-17
-2005: 5-17
-2004: 7-15
-2003: 17-5 (yes, this really happened)
-2002: 7-15
-2001: 7-15

Its odd to imagine the old Cambridge don A.E. Housman cheering on the Royals -- though he did like athletic young men -- but his essential worldview would have, nevertheless, fit the team perfectly:

Therefore, since the world has still
Much good, but much less good than ill,
And while the sun and moon endure
Luck's a chance, but trouble's sure,
I'd face it as a wise man would,
And train for ill and not for good.