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In Other News, Prince Harry is Single, But Possibly Headed to Iraq

The Royals played a remarkably disspiriting ballgame on Sunday afternoon, wasting another good start from a rotation guy with inept offense and a broken bullpen. For the fifth time this young season the Royals faced a rubber game, and for the fourth time they failed to flip the series into an W. But hey, like Michael Caine's magical time in Rio, we'll always have that series victory over the Twins to look back on.

* If anyone knows a good Royals blog (as in Royals, not baseball) that you think might be down with RR, lemme know. I have in mind some kinda bizarre exchange of ideas, or an interview, or something. I know, it makes no sense. But thats why I'm drawn.

* If you are so inclined, reports on Bannister's nice start, while Meche is getting credit as a mentor.

* The Lookout Landing take on yesterday's game can be found here. Jeff's much more adept at doing things with pictures than I am. Then again, he goes to Yale.

* Please read RoyalsFaninMarinerTown's diary on his ballpark experiences. I'll admit this isn't always a feel-good site, but I loved reading his post. I almost want to have kids now.

*And as I write this, RoyalsRetro posts his own Open Thread of links and good times. Hmm... he's already producing the Top 100 Royals series and sharing randomness? My days are numbered. Check the link especially for the cool photo of the new K.

* And for NFL people, Arrowhead Pride has thoughts on the Trent Green saga, as well as the draft.

Lastly, to reach their sorta-goal of not losing 100 games, the Royals need to go 55-82 (.401 baseball) the rest of the way. Life is magical!