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Game 3 Open Thread- Red Sox (1-1) at Royals (1-1)

This could be fun.

Some guy named Daisuke Matsuzaka makes his debut for the Red Sox this afternoon.

I just read a story in my print-edition of the Star that says he's from Japan and was signed to a big contract this winter. Even crazier, the Red Sox had to pay money to his team in order then sign him. I missed this watching George Michael's Sports Machine and catching the sports scores on Headline News and FNN at 20 minutes after the hour. Ohh my lands, I just don't know what to make of all these Japanese players!

Luckily, Zach/k Greinke, aka Zack-K our man on the mound is a real, red-blooded, "competitive" (according to JoePo & Buddisimo he's no longer sissified) pitcher, with all the good ol' boy bona fides that'd make any girl with half a mind just swoon. We've beaten all that creativity and such out of his baseballin', and not a moment too soon. I wouldn't let my son ever be creative. No, sports should be a ruthless, joyless pursuit of winning. We have acceptable ways of having fun already: mudding and drinking.

I sure hope the Royals don't fall below .500 today. If I had my druthers we'd send the Red Sox back their hell-hole of infidelity with a losing record.


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