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Game 4 Open Thread- Tigers (1-1) at Royals (1-2)

Will the 2007 Royals lose sight of .500 forever tonight? It may be early, but a loss would drop the monarchs to 1-3, meaning a legitimate hot streak would be needed to get back to .500, much less over it.

Of course, as Pat Green once said, "we're all playin' the same game" right now, trying to make too large conclusions from too little data. On Opening Day the Royals scored 7 runs, leading to much joy and even some speculation from yours truly that a 2003-style miracle run at offensive functionality was in the making. Since then, the Royals lost 7-1 and 4-1, and now face a good Detroit staff.

This includes tonight's hurler, Magnus ver Magnussen, errr Justin Verlander. (Don't ask why, I just always think of some absurd nordic name when I hear Verlander, even though its actually more Germanic...)

Meanwhile, the Royals send everyone's favorite project, Jorge de la Rosa to the mound. "Of the Rose" is one of the few definitive Moore guys who appears to be lame, but who hasn't been dropped or demoted yet.

I won't be around until at least the 7th inning. Friday night crowds are usually a little smaller, but thats a good thing sometimes.