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Game 6 Open Thread- Tigers (2-2) at Royals (2-3)

Saturday's game was a decidedly mixed bag (are there ever consistent bags?) that ultimately put the Royals back below .500 and, incredibly, into the AL Central cellar.

The Good

-Reggie Sanders: single, double, homer all in his first action of the season
-Esteban German: single, double, walk
-David DeJesus: single, double, walk
-Joel Peralta: two scoreless innings, 3 strikeouts

-Buddy Bell: Buddisimo finally showed some flexibility with his lineup card.
-Royals Review: another epic game thread

The Bad

-Gil Meche: Meche is who we thought he was! Honestly, six earned runs in seven innings isn't the end of the world. Its just not very good. And now, after two starts, his ERA is at 4.40.
-Ryan Shealy: still hitless
-Buddy Bell: Flexibility is good, but I'm not sure pinch hitting for Shealy and benching Gordon is exactly a good thing. Its a fine line, but at a certain level it seems silly. If Gordon has 4 bad games in mid July, no one would even notice.


Sunday's game is highlighted by Brandon Duckworth's debut. Ducky will be facing Bonderman (0-0, 4.50 ERA).