Why my weekend has been fantastic, despite the games...

I had one of THE best Sundays of my life today. Not because the Royals screwed it up in years of old fashion. Not because I forgot my computer power cord at my grandparent's house. Not because I have the most massive headache as I sit and type this.

Oh no, my friends. It's because I, your loyalest of those that are loyal to the Royals, your bringer of boyfriends and scrubs and smitten kittens, your token female for the board (not that there aren't other females, just that I've been one of the more consistant ones around here) has acheived the impossible.


I. Met. My. Idol. Zack Greinke actually smiled. The Zack Attack met his biggest fan and never looked back. I guarantee he will win his next start. I'm just THAT amazing, heck yes!

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