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Game 27 Open Thread- Angels (15-11) at Royals (8-18)

The Billy Butler Era Begins!

Lots of discussion about the Butler call up is already brewing over in the diaries as the Royals announce that Billy will not only join the big club, he's starting in left tonight. While we don't know how long this promotion might last, I love Moore's aggressiveness here. At a certain point, you gotta play the best players. If nothing else, a Tuesday night, un-televised Royals-Angels game just got a helluva lot more intriguing.

So would a standing ovation for his first at bat be justified, or possibly bad luck?

Ohh, our long-standing sweetheart Zach/k Greinke (1-2, 3.51 ERA) is also pitching. Basically, should the Royals win and BB doesn't go 0fer, the "Royals Future Looks Bright" story writes itself.

Do share your extreme devotion for the Royals with our enemy tonight, the fans over at Halos Heaven. And if anyone knows anything useeful about KC or KU (JQ??) share some tips with a visiting Cubs fan. NHZ will be posting another edition of SpreadSheet Baseball later tonight.