BOD: Boyfriend of the Day May 9, 2007

Well, I'm glad I went tonight. Despite the rain and some very unsavory fans, I am very much happy.

Before getting into tonight's award, I just want to say one thing to all of the boo birds that show up to Kauffman Stadium ritualistically: go the hell away. I am sick and TIRED of listening to you bitch and moan about the Royals. I am tired of listening to you boo Sweeney and Gordon and Teahen and anyone else on the team that doesn't meet up to you're impossible 'they must hit 1.000' standards. I am tired of putting up with your constant drone of insults added to injury. If you want to follow a team where you don't have to worry about losses, then go watch the fucking Cardinals or Red Sox or Yankees, because I am through with you. And if you can't give your players, your team the RESPECT that they DESERVE, then YOU don't deserve to wear Royal Blue.

Now. On to brighter pastures! Our boyfriend tonight is none other than Mark Teahen.

Teahen went 2 for 3 tonight, those 2 hits being doubles. He also drew a walk and scored a run. Add yet another outfield assist to this stellar offensive performance and you've got quite a pretty picture to look at.

For smitten kitten tonight, we're going to have two. Our first is Gil Meche.

Gil threw 6 innings, allowing 3 hits, 1 earned run, and striking out 7. Sure he may have walked 4, but he kept them from scoring. And in tonight's pitcher's duel, I certainly think that Meche won. Anyone else want to sound off on it?

Our second smitten kitten is Mike Sweeney.

The captain, despite the boo birds being out in full force managed to bring us the clutchy 8th inning home run. And that, in my book, is enough to win a smitten kitten. I forgot to mention that Sweeney's homerun officially put him at 2nd most career home runs by a Royal, behind George Brett. Congrats, Sweeney. You deserve some recognition for your loyalty through the bad years!

Never forget, my friends, that Benny is on our side!

Boyfriend Count
Mr. T: 2
DDJ: 2
Exploadin' Gload: 1
Alemán: 1
Ducky: 1
Of the Rose: 1
Sweeney: 1
John "Stormin' Mormon" Buck: 1
Zack Attack: 1
Soria: 1
Gilgameche: 1

Smitten Kitten Count
Gilgameche: 3
Sweeney: 3
Of the Rose: 2
Gordon: 2
The Skipper: 1
Explodin' Gload: 1
DDJ: 1
Soria: 1
Jalapena: 1
Grudz: 1

Honorable Mention Count
Soria: 1

Most Valuable Opponent
Weaver: 1

I took some good shots at the game and should be taking some more tomorrow; look for an update either here or at my blog (details on that either tomorrow or Friday).

Edit: If anyone is planning on going tomorrow, leave a note and maybe we can try and meet up somewhere during the game!

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